Today the world is full of competitions. The kids require being fully ready when they move out in the world. This starts right from the play school itself. We at LA follow an exclusively designed curriculum based on the child development concept. The early childhood curriculum helps in overall development of the child.
The program aims in developing the

Gross motor development
Fine motor development
Language development
Cognitive skill development
Social development
Personality / emotional development
Creative arts and music
Practical life (social awareness in children)

We aim at providing the children with a safe, secure and nurturing environment for their overall development. The play school curriculum, nursery school curriculum and the kindergarten school curriculum offers a perfectly balanced overall growth environment with holistic approach including all the important aspects of the growing up years - Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical and Social.

LA modern preschool learning curriculum includes multiple activities and development of life skills such as physical, language, and social-emotional, cognitive, reasoning, self help, gross and fine motor. The skills are integrated through music, dance, art, movement, games, play activities, toys, interactions, puzzles, books, social events, festivities celebrations, vocabulary, awareness and fun sheets etc. Our everyday activities include: Circle Time, Rhyme Time, Story Time, Music Time, Concept Time, Snack Time, Free play Time, Outdoor Play, Phonics.

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